Introducing the patented Rotary Frac Sand Dryer/Cooler from Industrial Accessories Company! IAC’s state of the art dryer/cooler performs both drying and cooling of fine sand within one rotary vessel. The system operates without changing the flow path of the sand while minimizing airflow requirements and complex controls found in other dryer designs.

A second wet feed collar is incorporated into the design, similar to those already incorporated in hot-mix asphalt drums. 15-20% wet sand is admitted in the collar with the primary feed of 80-85% wet sand being admitted at the upper inlet end of the dryer. The added wet sand increases the overall throughput of the plant without adding costs nor footprint. The primary stream of wet sand is admitted to the uphill end of the drum and transported inward by spiral flights. The secondary stream of wet sand is mixed with the heated sand and draws heat from the dried sand. Neither ambient air nor cooling water is needed since the evaporated cooling is solely effected by the mixing of the wet material with material already dried.

Inside IAC’s dryer/cooler your’ll find specially designed, replaceable combustion flights provide an air gap to protect the drum shell from thermal stresses. Interior shell liners and inlet chutes are fabricated from a specialized pre-hardened stainless steel, which is corrosion and heat resistant up to 1600 ?F. The exterior shell protector plates, collar liners and scoops are all made of AR400 wear resistant steel.

IAC’s patented Duel Feed Rotary Dryer/Cooler has proven to process wet sand with 8-10% moisture at a rate over 100TPH, 5-6% moisture at 160+ TPH and over 250TPH with 3-4% moisture. This gives Frac Sand plant owners options to streamline the flow of production from sand to silo.

The Rotary Frac Sand Dryer/Cooler by IAC is an innovative design that has never been seen before on the market. Speed up your production today by requesting a quote for a new dryer/cooler from IAC.

IAC’s Dryer/Cooler is the ultimate frac sand drying solution.