OSHA announced a final rule for respirable silica dust on March 24, 2016.? It is unlikely that existing plants meet new limit of 50 ug/m3. Below are the details of the new rules. Be sure to be aware of these new rules and how they can affect you.

General Industry (including frac sand manufacturers) have until June 23, 2018, to comply with most requirements.

Selecting an appropriate control measure depends on the specifics of the operation. In some cases, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is the preferred method of controlling exposure (e.g., for drying, screening and transfer operations) than wetting methods (e.g., controlling dust on roadways).

Engineering controls and work practices provide the best protection for workers and must be implemented first, before respiratory protection is used.

If you need assistance with any new compliance rules contact us today. Our engineers can visit your site and help you be fully prepared to comply with any new regulations.