Combination Dryer/Cooler

New combination dryer/cooler performs both drying and cooling of fine sand within one rotary vessel without changing the flow path of the sand and while minimizing airflow requirements or complex controls. *Patent Pending


New combination dryer/cooler incorporates a second wet feed collar toward the end of the rotary drum located between the drying and cooling zones. Approximately 15-20%wet sand is admitted in the collar with the primary feed of 80- 85% wet sand being admitted at the upper inlet end of the dryer near the burner flame.

The secondary stream of wet sand is mixed with the heated sand and draws heat from the dried sand. Neither ambient air nor cooling water is needed for cooling since cooling is solely effected by the mixing of wet material that has already been dried. This process is known as ?evaporative cooling”.

The primary stream of wet sand is admitted to the uphill end of the drum and transported inward by spiral flights. Specially designed replaceable combustion flights provide an air gap to protect the drum shell from thermal stresses.

Lifting flights then lift and drop material through the hot gas stream to effect surface evaporation of the moisture from the particles. These flights are alternated in order to provide a curtain of material preventing hot gases from circumventing the material.


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